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Know Your Ticks

Easy Tick ID

It is important to know what ticks are in your area and to be able to identify them. 

"Adult American dog ticks commonly attack humans, typically climbing to the crown of the head. Male ticks blood feed briefly but do not become engorged with blood. After a brief (1-2 day) attachment, males detach and wander on the host in search of an attached feeding female to mate with." - Tick Encounter

"Preferring larger hosts, such as deer, adult blacklegged ticks can be found questing about knee-high on the tips of branches of low growing shrubs. Adult females readily attack humans and pets. Once females fully engorge on their blood meal, they drop off the host into the leaf litter, where they can over-winter. Engorged females lay a single egg mass (up to 1500-2000 eggs) in mid to late May and then die." - Tick Encounter

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